The Program

Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

Empowering Employed Men with Safe Housing

Our Commitment to Homeless Assistance

Portico Housing Solutions was founded with a passionate commitment to making a difference in the lives of homeless men in Tampa and Hillsborough. Our dedicated team, driven by the vision of a community without homelessness, works tirelessly to provide housing assistance and support to employed men in need.

Empowering Lives Through Safe Housing

Portico is more than just a housing provider; we are catalysts for change. Our focus extends beyond immediate needs to create pathways to permanent housing, ensuring that every individual can rebuild their life with dignity and purpose.

Collaborative Solutions for Lasting Impact

We believe in collaborative solutions and work closely with local partners, government agencies, and volunteers to maximize our impact. By combining resources and expertise, we can address the root causes of homelessness and create a brighter future for homeless men in our community.

Portico Housing Solutions

where hope finds a home and lives are transformed through affordable housing and compassionate support. Together, we can build a community where everyone has a place to call home.

Wrap Around Support

Understanding The Portico Process

To apply a candidate must submit a completed application, including references and a $175.00 processing fee. Once the PC reviews the application and determines the applicant may be a good fit for the program, the applicant is interviewed and is provided a Tenant Understanding Agreement for his review. The Tenant Understanding Agreement describes the rules and expectations of the program. If the applicant is prompt in responding to telephone contact by PHS for his interview, shows up for the interview, appears to be honest when responding to questions, and appears to accept the requirements listed in the Tenant Understanding Agreement, then a background check is conducted as the final part of the process.

Our Resources


Two three-bedroom houses.


Each bedroom has a locked door and basic furnishings.

Each house has a living room, kitchen, one bathroom, and a separate room with a free washer and dryer.


Tenant Expectations

6+ Years

Of Change